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I've developed a CS:CZ Mission Generator which some of you might find useful. The generator will automagically create VDF mission files based on your input. Remember each mission file must contain triplets of maps (3, 6, 9, 12, 15...). Once you have successfully generated enough maps, you will be given the option to finish the generation and download the VDF file as either Easy, Normal, Hard or Expert. These VDF files then must be placed in a directory like czero\MissionPacks\MyMission\ with an Overview.vdf file (Overview.vdf generator coming soon).

The VDF file(s) you generate will only exist temporarily on our server - once the Bananas' notice the VDF file infiltration they will eradicate it within 12 hours.

If you notice bugs please report them to me on AIM: cluver49 or ICQ: 56053920. If you need to some help post a thread on the CS:CZ Forum!

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    11 years ago:

    oh come on. everyone loves administrative tools, for banning those who don't follow the banana mascot!

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    11 years ago:

    all this recent news about admin stuff and what not... i mean yeah its info, but i think everyone is waiting for the future mascot of Counter-Strike-Banana. :p



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